Labiomista - Koen Vanmechelen

With support from the city of Genk and others, Limburg artist Koen Vanmechelen is creating a fascinating ‘mix of life’ in a bid to establish a new and more sustainable balance between man and nature, a place where biological and cultural diversity can flourish. Known as LABIOMISTA, it will occupy the site of the former Zwartberg mine and zoo. 
The site is still under development but is due to open to the public in June 2019.

LABIOMISTA stands for connection. 
Koen Vanmechelen’s wonder lab. A garden of order and chaos, an arena of culture and nature. 
A park where animals (and people), plants, fungi, bacteria and sculptures enrich each other. Visible and hidden, under our feet and over our heads. Diversity as the foundation for sustainable living.
Present, past and future. Domestication and de-domestication. Heritage, nature, (living)art, architecture. Artist, city, communities, industry and nature. Each part communicating with the others. 

“LABIOMISTA is looking to inspire a new generation to find sustainable ways to create a new society based on the idea of biocultural diversity.” 
– Koen Vanmechelen 

The allotments on Meeuwerstraat are just a stone’s throw from LABIOMISTA. There is a strong physical link, but also a conceptual one. Nomad Land is a place created with the help of the local community and for the local community. It is a place where events can be held, a place of encounter. With F&B, a new picnic spot and the space to accommodate food trucks and to stage events.


Marcel Habetslaan 50
3600 Genk

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